What is CBD?

CBD, or as it is officially known Cannabidiol, is one of the components found in Cannabis. You might be familiar with Cannabis being used as an illegal drug. However, unlike the drug itself Cannabidiol or CBD oil does not contain any side effects that can be traced back to the drug. There are no hallucinogenic or mind numbing properties in CBD. That’s because CBD lacks the psychoactive component that is often found inside cannabis. This also means that CBD isn’t addictive like cannabis and you can use it freely without fear of any addiction or withdrawal symptoms.

Since CBD is a relatively new compound being used as an additive, there can often be some confusion about what it is. A lot of people will mistakenly assume that it carries that same psychoactive properties of cannabis and that it may lead to addiction. But these rumors aren’t true in the slightest. CBD is far from being considered a household supplement and it is still under heavy research from pharmaceutical companies and health agencies alike. Things are changing slowly and one day CBD may hope to take place alongside common pain killers and other relaxant drugs.

Where does CBD actually come from?

Another common question when it comes to CBD is its place of origin. CBD being a new compound, its information is a little harder to find and sift through. There are many misleading and false sources out there that will serve to confuse you. It is best to stay away from such sources and keep towards sites that offer good accurate information.

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant otherwise known as Hemp. It is important to note that although cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant, it can only be extracted from a few particular species. Not all cannabis plants will be the same and offer the same kind of CBD.

Many different strains and varieties of the cannabis plant are specially cultivated for CBD extraction. Recent advancements in science have made it possible to genetically engineer plants to have a much higher quantity of CBD present in the cannabis plant. There have also been attempts to increase the natural purity of CBD as well.

CBD is a part of the many of the other components present in the cannabis plant also known as cannabinoids. There can be as many as 85 cannabinoids in a single cannabis plant at any given time. CBD is a part of these 85 different cannabinoids being present in the plant at all times. CBD makes up for about roughly 40% of the content inside the cannabis plant. This makes it the second most abundant ingredient found in the cannabis plant. This means that you can easily extract large quantities of pure CBD from the cannabis plant. Genetically modified plants have also been able to achieve a much higher yield with a much higher level of substance purity.

This is also why CBD is responsible for the second highest reason of cultivating cannabis plants. The Cannabidiol oil is very valuable and most planters will often farm and cultivate plants for this specific reason alone.

Is CBD Legal to Buy and Use?

Because of its connection to cannabis, CBD is thought to be illegal and harmful. But CBD is nothing like cannabis and is completely safe. CBD is considered legal in various different parts of the world. Most medical institutes and pharmacies deem it completely safe for use. Canada is the only country to consider CBD a controlled substance and banning its use and purchase in the country. In most cases you’re perfectly allowed to purchase, posses and use CBD unless your country or state has specific laws banning it.

These days, CBD can be found in most over the counter commercial products in retail stores and commercial supermarkets. CBD can be found in everything from chocolates, candy, gum drops, beverages and beers, and marshmallows. There is also a big increase in the use of CBD in non edible products such as shampoos, bath bombs, and various scented bath soaps. You won’t have to worry too much about buying these products as if they are available in country or state then they are most likely already legal and perfectly safe to use.

Can CBD cause Cannabis like Side Effects?

CBD is always met with caution as it is associated with cannabis and all its effects. However, it is important to note that CBD is far divorced from anything to with cannabis’ effects. The CBD extract from cannabis does not contain any of the psychoactive elements that are usually found in the cannabis plant. In actuality, there are other components that are responsible for the effects of the cannabis plant. Out of the 85 different cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, the component THC makes up for the largest quantity of the cannabis plant.

THC is solely responsible for the mind altering effects experienced when using cannabis. THC gets activated when broken down by heat, releasing the effective vapors that cause the effects. This is usually done by either heating the cannabis plant by placing it over flame or usually when heat is exposed to it during the cooking process. This is the major reason why cannabis is used by lighting it up and smoking as this will make it that much more effective. On the other hand, CBD is also one of the cannabinoid compounds found within the cannabis plant. However, the concentration levels of CBD are much lower in the cannabis plant than that of THC. CBD makes up for the second largest quantity in the cannabis plant right after THC. Unlike THC, CBD is farmed very early on the process from an unprocessed form of the cannabis plant also known as hemp. Since THC and CBD are two separate compounds at the same level, it is next to impossible for CBD to share the same effects experienced by THC. This is why CBD has been backed up medical experts.

what is cbd


what is cbd

Public interest in Pure CBD was aroused by a recent CNN report on medical marijuana by several Liscensed Doctors. Previously some skepticism on medical marijuana, a few admitted to having been "brainwashed" by government propaganda.

CNN featured the story of a 5-year-old girl, Charlotte Figi, who suffered continual epileptic seizures from a rare disease known as Dravet's syndrome. Conventional treatment having failed, Charlotte's condition dramatically improved after she was treated orally with an extract of CBD-rich cannabis.

Readers Reviews

what is cbd

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As a patient of intermittent depression, anxiety and panic is the hard reality. When all medication failed, I was prescribed a Cannabidiol Treatment. I discovered Pure CBD Oil and after reading its benefits and the fact that it was legal across the states, I was sure that this was the right supplement. The results have been amazing, reduced the arthritis and chronic pain in my wrists allowing me to perform better at my work.
-Erica, South Carolina

what is cbd

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Being a Wall Street Broker, stress and anxiety are a way of life, often having a very negative impact on the overall quality of life. Pure CBD Oil was recommended to me by a fellow trader and since then things have been so much better. Even during the most intense of trades and in-between serious number crunching, I am manage to remain calm and in-turn take better decisions!
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what is cbd

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Cannabis used to always spell "High" to me and hence I avoided using the products in the market for reducing anxiety and stress. When someone recommended Pure CBD Oil, I gave them a try and was amazed to experience a relief from my knee arthritis and less anxiety without the feeling of being high. Its anti-oxidant supports helps me stay focused.
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